The “Good” in our name represents the Good we do with our chosen charity in India - Annamrita, which means "Food is Nectar".

Annamrita is a not-for-profit, non-religious, charitable organization and they strive to liberate children from the vicious cycle of malnourishment and Illiteracy. They do this by providing children with the right nutrition to support their education. The main objective of the scheme is to attract children from disadvantaged sections, especially girls to school, thereby increasing attendance, reducing dropout rates & promoting women empowerment through literacy. While doing so, it also promotes a feeling of oneness amongst various different religions and cultures.

22% of India’s population lives below the official poverty line. That is a staggering 276 million people in the country living below the $1.85 per day threshold. It is common to see impoverished families forcing their children to beg on the streets for money or food. Annnamrita is breaking this cycle and by giving free lunch to kids while in school, parents see this as a great incentive to send their kids to school. Since its conception in 2004, they now serve one million meals to kids in schools every single day, through its 20 kitchens across India. This not only keeps hundreds of thousands of kids off the street, but is improving literacy in India.  

I am moved when I see children in poverty, hunger and sickness. And I am very passionate about doing something about it, even if it means changing life circumstances for one child. When I read about Annamrita, it struck a chord with me and I decided to support them. For every person who joins us on the Good Food Journey, we will make a donation that will feed 5 kids their school meals for one entire year. 


I have always wanted to give back through my love for food and travel and this gives me an immense sense of gratitude and purpose.When we visit the charity in Delhi, you are welcome to make a donation to further this wonderful cause.