Day 8

Jaipur to Goa by flight, sun and sand, dinner by the beach

I know, I know, our journey is planned for North India and Goa is almost 2000 km south of Delhi. But you can’t go to India and not visit Goa! So to experience a completely different life style, culture, landscape and cuisine, we head to Goa for a couple of days.

Our flight is at 8.20 am. So after an early breakfast we will be transferred to the airport. We reach Goa via Mumbai at 12.40 pm. On arrival we will check in at our 5 Star luxury Resort by the beach. The rest of the day is al leisure to enjoy the beach or chill out by the pool. Or indulge in a luxury spa at the hotel. The Spa is pretty busy, so has to be booked and paid for in advance.

Goa is a state in western India that hugs the Arabian Sea and is India’s smallest and most westernised state. It is a very popular tourist destination known for its white sand beaches, nightlife and world heritage architecture. Goa was a Portuguese colony till as late as 1961 and when the Portuguese finally departed, they left behind magnificent European style architecture, food and music.

The place is a heady mixture of traditional Indian values and European culture – there is nowhere in India quite like it. Besides the amazing food, vibrant markets and amazing nightlife, what’s not to like about spending endless sunshine filled days exploring the gorgeous countryside or relaxing on the beach on this slice of paradise?

In the evening we will enjoy dinner in the casual setting of a popular beach shack. The fish in Goa is fresh and the food is outstanding. Goa is also famous for its Port wine and no doubt we will enjoy some of that tonight. If you are brave enough, try the local brew made from Cashews. It is called "Feni", and not many people can walk straight after a couple of those! But then again, we have a sober driver to take us back to our Resort.

Once back at the Resort, try your luck at the Casino if you are feeling lucky.


Culinary experience for the day – Dinner in a shack by the beach

Meals included – Breakfast, dinner