Day 11

Explore Mumbai, Watch the Dabbawala's in action, Gujrathi lunch, Dinner at Masala Library

After breakfast, we will explore Mumbai. We will visit the Gateway of India and Dhobi Ghat and other attractions.

Approximately 7 million commuters travel by rains to and from work daily. About 20 years ago, I was one of them. When I was living and working in Mumbai, I used to get home made food for lunch daily. Except, it wasn’t from my home and I never met the person who made it for me. At the same time, it was personalised enough to ask for less salt or more spice.

This is made possible by the network of the “Dabbawalas” who carry lunch boxes from far flung suburbs to the CBD daily. This has been covered in a BBC documentary and is a case study in the best B-schools around the world.  Let’s see this fascinating network while we are in Mumbai. You can read more about this fascinating system here.

Our lunch today is delicious Gujarati cuisine in a restaurant called the Maharaja Bhog. They are famous for their Thali which has 30 menu items. Their menu changes daily and it is not repeated for one entire month! We challenge you to finish the Thali! Read about our lunch here.

Bollywood is to Mumbai what Hollywood is to LA. The phenomenon that is Bollywood, is worth US 2.28 billion, produced almost 2000 movies and sold 2.6 billion seats in 2017. So in the afternoon, we head to the Bollywood studios from 2pm to about 5 pm. We will learn about the origin and evolution of the Indian Film Industry ranging from the silent era to talkies to current date. We will enjoy a special dance performance by Bollywood dancers and later experience the feel of a recording studio. 

Our dinner tonight is the grand finale of our Good Food Journey! Yet again it is a contrast from the simple vegetarian lunch. Our table is reserved at Masala Library, where Molecular Gastronomy meets Modern Indian cuisine. We will enjoy the chef’s tasting menu - it is only 16 courses and it is as much a visual treat as it is delectable. It is a fitting venue, cuisine and ambience to enjoy each other’s company for one last time on our Journey.  Read more about this experience here.


Culinary experience for the day – Thali at Maharaja Bhog for lunch and Dinner at Masala Library

Meals included – Breakfast, Lunch. Dinner