Tours and Packages

Golden Triangle

Experience the royal heritage of the Maharaja's and the legacy of the Moghul Emperors through their food. Astounding forts, glorious palaces and of course the Taj Mahal beckons...

FROM 2595NZD per person

Diwali in India

Over 12 days visit Delhi, Jaipur, Agra, Varanasi, Goa & Mumbai. Stay in a palace, enjoy street food, dine with views of Taj Mahal, home cooking and memorable culinary experiences.

FROM 4500NZD per person

South India

Over the 9 days, stay in a tree house, on a farm and on a house boat. Visit the highest tea estate in the world and pick your spices at a spice plantation...

FROM 2480NZD per person

North India

Go off the beaten track and enjoy a farm stay, cook in the desert, stay in luxury tents and in a palace. Keen to volunteer in the world’s largest free kitchen?

FROM 3475NZD per person

Holi in India

Over 11 days we visit Delhi, Amritsar, Jaipur, Agra & Goa. Stay in a palace, volunteer in the kitchen of the Golden Temple, enjoy street food, home cooking lessons, dine at Bukhara

FROM 4450NZD per person