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Social Responsibility

The “Good” in our name stands for the Good we want to do in local communities and make a real difference to people’s lives. We want to achieve this in two ways

education in villages


We work closely with India Advantage Foundation, a not-for-profit organization based in New Delhi. The Foundation has alliances with several NGO’s that are dedicated to a cause in their area of expertise, be it salvaging food waste, women’s refuge, education in villages, shelter for stray animals, emergency response service, etc. This is achieved by rendering financial assistance, providing grants, or enabling connections with funding agencies.
Besides NGO’s, the Foundation seeks to provide its members with innovative thought leadership tools and solutions, as well as incubate future projects and programs that will advance and support the work of the association in their industry. Together, the corporate and the Foundation set the stage for connections that will impact the quality of life for people and communities for the long-term.
We will contribute a percentage of revenue to the Foundation from all guests who travel with us. When it is a Group Departure tour, we will be able to generously contribute towards a specific project of an NGO. Guests on this tour will be able to visit the NGO that we are supporting and witness the difference they have made to the local community by choosing to travel with Good Food Journeys.
Watch this space as we start contributing towards noble causes in 2024.


We are the first generation to feel the heat of climate change and we are the last generation that can do something about it. The current Travel & Tourism model accounts between 9% to 12% of the World’s total Greenhouse Gas emissions. Therefore, besides Giving Back to the communities we are also mindful of Sustainability and the trail we leave behind.
Food and Beverage contribute 10% to tourism’s total carbon footprint. The emissions from food supply are growing at a rate of 1.8% annually. Add to that, the global problem of food waste which is very dear to our heart. A new report from the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) has found that people globally waste 1 billion tons of food a year.
We, at Good Food Journeys are mindful that we share the responsibility for implementing sustainable practices and initiatives on our tours. We want to ensure that we are working with suppliers and partners who share this mindset and commitment towards social responsibility.
For example, most of our Group Departure tours stay at ITC hotels. ITC Hotels is one of the largest hotel chains in the world to receive the coveted LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Platinum Certification for all hotels. Harnessing renewable energy, recycling water, treating/recycling solid waste, eliminating single use plastic, sourcing consumables locally, eco-sensitive architecture & design protocols being the measures in the journey for a brighter tomorrow.
We are grateful that ITC Hotels have agreed to support our IPL and Diwali group tours in 2024 and our guests will be staying at few of the ITC hotels which are amongst the world’s first Twelve LEED Zero Carbon – Certified hotels.